Monday, May 13, 2013

#FAchat Topic for 5/14/13: ED Workforce HEA Reauthorization Discussion

This week's #FAchat will center around the request from @EDworkforce to comment on HEA Reauthorization from April 25th.  The request for comment can be found on the Committee on Education and the Workforce website.

The requests asks for input on the ways to:

  • Empower students as consumers in higher education,
  • Simplify and improve the student aid and loan programs,
  • Increase college accessibility, affordability, and completion,
  • Encourage institutions to reduce costs,
  • Promote innovation to improve access to and delivery of higher education, and
  • Balance the need for accountability with the burden of federal requirements.
We have put together a series of questions to explore these topics and plan to share the results of the discussion with @EDworkforce. Please join us for this important topic tomorrow 5/14/13 at noon Central Standard Time.

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